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Want your child to get admitted to any college of their choice? Or maybe an Ivy league or some other selective school but not sure how? Not a problem.

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Formerly at Admission Committees of: Johns Hopkins University,George Washington University and Georgetown Law School.

Personal Statement Editing

The personal statement is a great way to highlight what is unique about your child. In many cases the personal statement is the deciding factor on which student should be offered admission.

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She graduated from Harvard College with a degree in English Language and Literature.

SAT Tutoring

When it comes to acceptance into college, the SAT is the most important exam your child will ever take. An excellent SAT score can result in a six-figure scholarship, drastically reducing your financial obligations.

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He was a National Merit Scholar in high school. He has received a perfect score on the writing section of the SAT. In addition he had achieved a 770 out of 800 on the verbal reasoning portion of the GRE.

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  • “My daughter used College Mentoring to easily schedule calls with students already attending her prospective schools. She got unbiased information to get the insider’s look at each location. The students told her all about the teacher quality, the dorms, how good the cafeteria food is, whether the career services staff actually helps with job and internship placement, and answered every other question she had.”
    • admission consultants
    • Susanne Young
  • “I can communicate with you over cell phone, email, Skype or Google voice at a time that is convenient for you to answer any questions about my school. I can give my honest feedback on the dorms, professors, social life, if my friends are getting jobs and internships an more.”
    • admission consultants
    • Brittany Johnson
  • “I wanted to give a shout out to a company called College Mentoring. They enable students to create an on line digital portfolio to showcase their abilities. They then get messages from admissions officers nationwide if they think you are a good match for their school.”
    • admission consultants
    • Angelie Nguyen
  • “College Mentoring enables you to request a call with a given industry professional some of whom have decades of experience. They can offer you advice on what to major in. Get the insider information on what a career is really like!”
    • admission consultants
    • Tina Wright

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